nilang business

Industry application

Fresh food

Food safety and high hygiene standards.

Production date, batch, weight, validity period, price bar code and other information.

Various surface and packaging types.

Food and beverage

Uninterrupted production at high cycle rate.

High food safety and hygiene standards.

Get connected to various MES and ERP systems.

E-commerce logistics

Meet the requirements of high speed and efficiency.

Data security and understanding of various systems.

Printing of GS1 and SSCC bar codes.


Printing of electronic supervision code.

Various bar codes for GS1 standard and RFID tags.

High reliability and AI detection.

Medical instruments

Tracing of UDI bar code.

GSI, ZIIOT, HIBCC, IFA and ICCBBA codes meeting regulatory requirements.

Excellent printing quality.


A4 wide-print labeling.

Label at a millimetre level.

Highly automated processes.

Auto parts

Complete identification of all components and accurate labels.

The highest requirements for quality, safety and durability.

Porous, oily or seriously curved surfaces.

Chemical engineering

The highest requirement for safety.

Lable printing compliant with GHS standard.

Large and highly viscous labels.

Other industries

High standards in quality, safety and durability.

Integrate our label print applicator into the customer's personalized IT environment.

Data security and product identification.

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Solutions focused on increasing
product added value


Everybody is defining themselves, we
give your product an identity.

nilang technology

Founded in 2003, Shanghai Nilang Information Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in print and apply. It provides enterprises with solutions in product identification, labeling, anti-counterfeiting, tracking and tracing, integrating bar code identification, RFID code assignment and AI vision.
In the industries of groceries, food, electronics, chemical industry, medicine, beverage/brewing, cosmetics/daily chemicals, auto parts, tobacco, e-commerce, e-warehouse logistics and others, our label print applicator / RFID print applicator can be easily connected to the assembly lines, so that the real-time data of production and warehouse logistics can be connected with ERP, WMS, CRM SAAS and other systems, thus realizing interactive sharing. We strive to provide customers with high value-added barcode/RFID print and apply solutions, namely that labeling for value creation!

Nilang's dynamic insight into the industry