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The role of the printing labeling machine
The role of the printing labeling machine

1. Information traceability

The printing and labeling machine can be connected to the enterprise database, print the changeable information in real time, one-to-one, not repeated, and can increase the bar code verification mechanism after labeling, compare with the database, and locate the product with high precision. This greatly improves the fault tolerance rate and avoids the possibility of manual labeling errors.

2. Improve efficiency

Printing and labeling machine instead of manual, with higher efficiency, neon gallery printing and labeling machine can paste 60 labels a minute, greatly improving the speed at the same time, the manual from boring repetitive actions liberated, fully mobilize human resources.

3. Cost saving

The use of printing and labeling machine can effectively avoid unnecessary waste of labels, and fully achieve the rational use of each label, while saving labor and reducing corporate expenses.

4. Data storage

The printing labeling machine automatically changes the production date, serial number, batch number in real time, and stores the printed production data for easy analysis and forms a report, and the enterprise also carries out production management and traceability.